Company Information

Advanced Management Technologies opened for business in 1990 offering consulting services and customer software design and development to a broad range of industries.  Advanced Management Technologies formed with the intent to give businesses another viable option to help with the rising backlog of projects that in-house IS departments were dealing with at the time.  With the computer becoming more and more important to the every day operations of the current business world the shortage of qualified technical expertise was growing. Advanced Management Technologies offered a fast and reliable resource to help businesses improve their bottom line.


Contact Information

    Advanced Management Technologies

    P.O. Box 220

    Pleasant Lake, Michigan 49272

    (517) 769-2290


Our Clients have included

bulletFoote Health Systems
bulletQuality Dairy
bulletTyco/Ludlow Products Division                                             
bulletNorth Oakland Medical Centers
bulletMid-Michigan Regional Health Systems
bulletLakeland Regional Health Systems