Whiteout Samples

    Here are some examples of the displays from Whiteout/400. Click each thumbnail to see the full size picture, then use your Web browser's Back button to return to this page.

Initial Selection Display :

UBSelect1.jpg (35890 bytes)

Selection with claim selected to edit

UBSelect3.jpg (96240 bytes)

Flow is from top to bottom of claim

Claim header  :

UBScreenA.jpg (127888 bytes)

Accommodation Charges :

UBScreenB.jpg (105260 bytes)     

Payer and Insured Information : 

 UBScreenE.jpg (98530 bytes)   

Diagnosis, Procedures, Physicians Information :

  UBScreenG.jpg (105285 bytes)     

Claim History : 

  UBHistory.jpg (31143 bytes)